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Blue Goose Glen



     Founded in 1995 as a farm business based around our sheep and Border Collie herding and Great Pyrenees guardian dogs, Blue Goose Glen has grown to an online source for those interested in spinning, felting or weaving.  We offer dyed and natural colored wool roving & combed top and other natural and synthetic fibers including alpaca, mohair & llama, tencel, bamboo and nylon.  We also carry needle felting instructions and kits, felting supplies, yarns and dyes.

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Ashland Bay merino wool roving to spin or felt        needle felted animal duck       needlefelting patterns and directions     felting needles and foam blocks      merino silk fiber


drop spindles           needle felt bear kit          yarn to knit, crochet, or weave


loom         spinning wheel         drum carder and carding equipment

Border Leicester sheep and Border Collie   Great Pyrenees Guardian Dog   border collies   border collie puppies   border leicester ewe

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